"Karim unites all of these countries through their history, language, culture and, most importantly, their music and rhythms. Seen through the eyes of ordinary people, members of the Arab working class, Mr. Nagi portrays several different characters. He shows their drive and determination to achieve their dreams"
- Chicago Theater Review

"Detour Guide is an extraordinary work from the mind and heart of an extremely gifted and talented artist. It introduces us to an Arab world we never see in the movies or television news."

"It is an adventure worth taking. Nagi's lyrics are intriguing, barbed and catchy."

"Karim Nagi seeks to confound critics and the ignorant alike with a humorous musical whirlwind detour through the social and geopolitics of the Middle East."

Take a ride with the Detour Guide. He starts by commandeering a tour bus. But it is not the sinister, stereotypical narrative of a radical hijacker. This drumming, singing and dancing Detour Guide simply wants to change the itinerary. He scats "you don't need a generic bus, tourist trap or souvenirs, this detour will engage your fears and ears."

He reroutes the passengers onto a journey of topics and experiences.. veering away from cliche scenarios & sensationalist headlines.. driving deeper into the cultural landscape. The first stops include an urban Sufi festival, then a Dabke dance party, and the tone is set. But they do not stay comfortable for too long.

The Guide begins to dismantle the film industry, and the media machine, showing how they have distorted the representation of his Arab & Muslim people. He raps, sings, plays the buzuq lute, and drums his way through lessons on iconic imagery, revolution, and migration. These are not academic lessons, they are musical experiences of real people. You meet a Syrian refugee trying to buy back her lost instruments, a folkloric healer, a dancing doorman, a protester, all performed by the Detour Guide.